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Mr & Mrs Bloor


Latest REIWA figures show that Perth has a vacancy rate of just 1.4%. Sorrento recorded a 17.5% growth in Median house price. The Average house price in Perth for the March QTR 08’ was $460,000.

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Our finance brokers deal with over 30 lenders with 100’s of loans to choose from. Total Flexi Finance brokers spend their lives keeping up to date with the best offerings around the country. If the lowest rate is what you are after you can be sure they will know who is offering it.

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Banks and finance companies are changing their loan features on a daily basis. Each of our brokers trains rigorously to keep up to date with these changes. Each broker is also equipped with the latest software packages to assist them in providing you with the answers.

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Total Flexi Finance brokers are hungry for business and know what it takes to get your loan approved quickly, without fuss. Your broker will be in contact with you constantly throughout the process of your loan, from initial interview to settlement and beyond, with a customer care program that really does care.

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